The XXI Club


The University of Manchester XXI Club was formed in 1932 and exists to promote sporting excellence at the University. It holds over 1000 members. Each year, the Club elects 21 high-achieving sports people and 21 people selected for service to sport. These are announced at the Manchester Athletics Union End of Season Dinner. The XXI Club's Annual Dinner is held in November each year. Their website can be found at


The following members of the UMCC have been inducted into the XXI Club:

2018: Jack Le Feuvre

2015: Dickson Lau

2013: Henry Comyn, Oli Manners, Elliot Gerrard

2011: Ben Davies, Adil Humayon, Will Symon

2010: Richard Paton

2008: Alexis Fuller

2007: Andrew Hutchinson, Hasan Khan

2006: Stuart Grant

1999: Ben Jones Lee

1997: Luke Jackson, Oliver Slipper

1994: Will Cooper, Fraser Stewart

1993: Tom Harrison, John Rawling

1991: Philip Mestecky

1989: Pathmajan Rasan

1986: Paul Garlick

1985: Simon Dryden, Barry Lemmon

1983: Simon Bellm, Robert Holmes

1982: Paul Scott, Dave Worrall

1981: Doug Beckett, Paul Dolphin, Umesh Patel, Derek Pennell

1980: Bill Farrar

1979: Graham Williamson

1977: Paul Revell

1976: Peter Edwards

1968: Peter Edwards

1964: Neil Gambol

1963: Barry Birchall

1962: Dave Hancock

1959: William Axford

1954: Brian Fletcher

1951: Dickinson

1950: Arthur Thompson

1946: Kenneth Taylor

1945: Coates, Nigel Howard

1941: Cant