Each year, the club goes on a foreign tour. It is open to anybody in the club. This year the club had two tours: a social tour, then a more cricket-based tour. Over the Easter break this year, we went to Prague, then at the end of the summer term, we went to Ireland and played three games of cricket, against Trinity College, Dublin, Malahide CC, and Railway Union CC.

Previous Destinations for UMCC Tours:

2011: Benidorm

2012: Prague

2013: Sri Lanka

2014: Malta

2015: Barcelona

2016: Sri Lanka

2017: Malta

2018: Prague & Ireland

This year, a long-haul tour is due and we will try to pair this with a short-haul social tour so the club can offer two tours for this coming year, as last year. This year’s plans are still being worked on, but we hope to go to South Africa as a pre-season tour over the Easter break. Watch this space for details!

This year the UMCC are embarking on two tours. The social tour will take place over the Easter holidays to Krakow in Poland and our long-awaited long-haul cricket tour will be to Sri Lanka, which will take place in June this year. We look forward to playing at Galle.