Alongside matches and training, the UMCC has an immense reputation for its quality of social events. Having four social in the UMCC allows us to hold weekly socials throughout the year entailing a wide range of fun and engaging themes. Last year alone we held body paint socials, pub cricket and of course our traditional shirt and tie socials to name just a few. Regardless of the theme, our socials are a great way to get to meet and spend time with new and existing friends. Mixed socials between the Men's and Women's wings of the club are also regularly held, in addition to joint socials with other sporting societies.

With such an international and wide reaching sport such as cricket, we have the privilege to have members of the UMCC from numerous different nations and backgrounds. As a result, we see it as our responsibility to hold socials that don’t purely revolve around drinking. As such, throughout the year socials such as golf, bowling and sports fixtures are held to assure that all members of the UMCC have the opportunity to enjoy themselves off the cricket pitch.

As we’re lucky enough to run a thriving campus league football side (UMCCFC) outside of the cricket season, this too provides a great social opportunity for members of the UMCC of all footballing abilities. Either playing or spectating, the UMCCFC continues to provide memories that we’re sure we won’t ever forget.

Our first social of the year we be held on the 25th of September with our Freshers' curry at Lal Qila on the Curry Mile. This is the perfect opportunity to get to know both the new and incumbent members of the club, i.e. your new best friends for the next 3-4 years. This one is not to be missed!
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