Indoor Cricket League ICL 

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The second of the two cricket leagues that the UMCC host at the Armitage Centre each year is the ICL.

 Unlike the IPL, anyone, even if not a member of the UMCC, can play in this tournament. 

 Previously an 8-team tournament, in 2013 the competition expanded to 16 teams, with societies such as Oak House, Owen's Park, the Pakistan Society and the Indian Society proving to be real big players.

 The same rules apply as the IPL, however with the 16 teams we have a tiered league system with two leagues of 8 and promotion and relegation between the two for the Premier League and Division 1 titles.

ICL Premier League Winners:

2012: Owens Park

2013: Owens Park

2015: Indian Soc A

ICL Division 1 Winners:

2013: Grovesnor A

If you are interested in entering a team for this year (2016-2017) please send us an email as soon as possible.